• Our team at HHG Legal Group can assist you with a number of traffic law issues ranging from minor to serious cases
  • From speeding fines, to insurance or disqualification implications, we’ll negotiate or help minimise a penalty
  • Located in Mandurah, Perth and Albany, so no matter where you are in WA, HHG Legal Group can help


From the morning and afternoon drop-off  to the daily commute, we’re heavily dependent on our vehicles to get from A to B. A traffic offence leading to the loss of ones driver’s license would be a major inconvenience, possibly resulting in unemployment, financial strife, or imprisonment.

At HHG Legal Group, our traffic lawyers are situated in three convenient locations across WA – Mandurah, Perth and Albany. So, we can assist you with your traffic offence, regardless of where you’re located in the state.


Drivers can face licence suspension for numerous reasons, ranging from a simple touch of their mobile phone to a collision. HHG’s expert traffic lawyers have successfully contested an extensive range of suspensions, defending those who have been disqualified for speeding fines, right up to those charged with dangerous driving causing death.

Even if you have already been disqualified, we can help. HHG’s traffic lawyers in Mandurah, Perth and Albany, can help you minimise or lift a period of licence suspension, or be accepted for an extraordinary drivers’ licence and/or a spent conviction. We can provide fixed fee solutions via HHG Essentials, so you’ll have a clear understanding of what you’ll be expected to pay for our services upfront.


Careful negotiation with police regarding the alleged facts in relation to an accident can mean the difference between being covered by your car insurance or not. Even in situations where you believe you are not a fault, there can be implications for your vehicle insurance when convicted after an accident. At HHG Legal Group, we highly recommend you seek our expert legal advice prior to pleading guilty (either in Court or signing a fine you have received in the mail). Although the fine received is likely to only be a few hundred dollars, the financial impact of an insurer refusing to pay for vehicle repairs can be catastrophic. 

If you would like to find out more about our traffic law services, contact the HHG Legal Group team today. 

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