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Here at HHG Legal Group, our experienced legal team can draw on years of experience to deliver premium legal advice and services in all matters relating to spousal maintenance for clients situated in Perth, Mandurah and Albany.


No one budgets for a separation. After many years of financial co-dependency, a divorce or relationship breakdown can often have a significant impact on your finances and income.

Spousal maintenance is a payment from one financially stronger spouse to ensure their former financially dependent partner does not suffer undue hardship as a result of their separation. Spousal maintenance may take the form of a regular cash payment or a lump sum and is typically utilised to make up any shortfall in payments of household bills, utilities, rates and other day to day expenses that the financially weaker party cannot afford to pay on their own.

To bring an Application for spousal maintenance in WA, a party must be able to show that;

  • there is a genuine need for spousal maintenance to be paid; and
  • the other party has the capacity to pay spousal maintenance.

Complex case law interprets how this applies to your case.

If you are suffering financial hardship following the breakdown of your relationship, contact HHG Legal Group in Perth, Mandurah or Albany on 1800 609 945. We can offer detailed advice and, if need be, representation in the Family Court to bring your Application for spousal maintenance.  

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