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The process of dealing with family related disputes, in particular child custody and support, can be a stressful time for all parties involved. The parentage of a child can be extremely important in Family Law child related matters, particularly in matters relating to payment of child support. Only biological parents can be assessed to pay child support by the Child Support Agency outside of several very strict exceptions (for example, a parent by way of legal adoption).

The Child Support Agency will presume parentage without any additional information in some cases, typically where the child was born during the parties’ marriage or where the “father’s” name appears on the child’s birth certificate. In circumstances where there is a dispute over the parentage of a child, this dispute can be resolved by way of DNA testing and by an Order of the Family Court. To be legally recognised, any DNA testing must be done by a properly accredited laboratory.

For advice on any aspect of paternity law and the potential effects on your Family Law matters, speak to a member of our multi award-winning Family Law team today. With three convenient locations across WA; Perth, Mandurah and Albany (Regional WA), our experienced paternity lawyers at HHG Legal Group are always located within proximity to you.

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