24 Nov 2017

In disputed estate matters, the Court is required to cast judgment on your relationship – from how you manage household bills through to your Facebook relationship status and your sex life; the Court has to consider the features of your unique situation and decide whether your relationship meets the legal criteria. This invasive process can be particularly hard when compounded with the grief of bereavement.

In a recent NSW case, the surviving de facto spouse of Nomads gang member Adrian Pamplin, Ann Irwin, ultimately received his substantial estate, but not before nearly four years of litigation in which Mr Pamplin’s mother Marie sought to take the estate herself on the basis that Mr Pamplin’s relationship with Ms Irwin had become one of friendship only in the years before his death.

While many couples decide that marriage is an unnecessary formality, this choice makes it even more vital to ensure that you have an appropriate and valid will at all times.

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