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Every business and enterprise faces commercial stress and difficulty. Whether through rapid market changes, increased competition, insolvent customers, internal disputes, loss of key customers, unanticipated taxation liabilities, or a change in a banking relationship, these are the time you need real expertise and experience to manage the insolvency process and guide you through the other side.

Perhaps the worst thing a business owner can do in times of difficulty, is turn to “pre-insolvency” advisers on the fringe of the law. These individuals aren’t lawyers and sell false hope, usually making things worse at great cost. If you’ve found yourself in this position , we have experience acting against these parties as well.

As a liquidator, administrator or insolvency trustee facing the myriad of day to day challenges — disgruntled creditors and directors, hostile action to challenge your appointment or complex action against related parties — you need fast and practical advice that comes from a place of deep expertise and technical knowledge.

Our insolvency lawyers are skilled and experienced in advising insolvency practitioners, as well as directors and companies, in all aspects of insolvency law, and regularly provide independent, practical advice on issues including directors’ duties, arrangements with creditors, Deeds of Company Arrangement, PPSR issues, asset sales, and all pre-insolvency options.



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