• Experienced in the provision of legal advice and representation in tribunal and court proceedings
  • We can help with governance, regulation, procedural fairness and judicial and merits reviews of government decisions
  • We also deal with Freedom of Information matters and privacy matters
  • We provide cost effective, efficient and timely advice

As a proud West Australian firm, HHG has provided legal services to the WA government sector including, various local governments and government authorities. Since 2010 HHG has been on the WALGA Legal Services Preferred Supplier Panel.

Successful representation and accurate advice to various local governments the in administrative law matters requires an in depth understanding of a range of regulatory frameworks, due process and government decision making systems, processes and timeframes.

 HHG is an experienced provider of legal advice, and representation in tribunal and Court proceedings, in relation to governance, regulation, procedural fairness and judicial and merits reviews of government decisions, as well as Freedom of Information matters and privacy matters.

Legal Services
  • Compliance with statutory and regulatory powers, functions and duties
  • Exercise and delegation of functions and powers
  • Building certifications
  • Planning approvals
  • Building and demolition permits
  • Occupancy permits and building approval certificates
  • Stop work” and “demolition” orders
  • Pool and fire safety inspections
  • Defending civil claims
  • Prosecutions for offences against the Dog Act, Firearms Act and other local government Acts, regulations and by- laws
  • Freedom of information
  • Advice and representation in State Administrative Tribunal proceedings
  • Contaminated sites
  • Shared boundary walls and retaining walls
  • Boundary demarcation and encroachment
  • Town planning schemes and amendments
  • Subdivision, re-subdivision, development and strata titling of land
  • Local Government constitutions, elections and amalgamations
  • Advising various local governments on actions against ratepayers and businesses in contravention of various legislation including the Local Government Act 1995, the Dog Act 1976 and the Building Act 2011.
  • Representing various local authorities, and also defending actions brought by local authorities, regarding breaches of legislation and local laws.
  • Advised local government CEOs on state government contracts and heads of agreement, as well as governance processes and issues.
  • Assisted a local shire in its dispute with a construction contractor in relation to delayed completion of public works and related payment issues.
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