• Identify, manage and minimise risk
  • Strategies to improve your project and position
  • Fast, cost-effective options and solutions

Whether you’re the principal in a large mining, civil or infrastructure project or a domestic subcontractor, your business is guaranteed to be at risk in at least four areas: payment, timing, quality and scope.

Our experienced team of construction lawyers will help you identify, manage and minimise your risks from tender to contract negotiation to final payment, whatever the size of the project or your place in the contractual chain.

At HHG Legal Group, not only do we understand the law that applies to your business, we understand your business. This allows us to offer you tailored solutions that are creative, cost effective and commercial.

If you do find yourself involved in a construction dispute, we have the experience to help you achieve a quick and effective outcome across all forms of dispute resolution, including trial advocacy and representation in all State and Commonwealth Courts and Tribunals.

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