Hardly any conditions and no fine print.

  1. The guarantee applies to concerns you may have about your last account or any element of our service. Just get in touch within 7 days of the date of the account. If all else fails, money will be refunded or the account will be reduced.
  2. You must not have breached any of our terms and conditions by the time you wish to rely on the guarantee. Our terms and conditions are set out in the costs agreement that you accepted at the beginning of our engagement.
  3. If you choose to exercise the guarantee more than once, we reserve the right to stop being your solicitors. We need this condition to make sure we do not get ripped off.
  4. The guarantee does not apply to matters where we are ‘carrying’ your legal fees until the conclusion of the matter, or matters we are not interim billing on a fortnightly basis. In cases like this, where we have made a special exception to our normal terms, we carry more risk so it would not be fair to HHG for the guarantee to apply.

There are no more conditions. No lengthy exclusions, no hidden clauses, no ‘fine print’. The guarantee is simple – we want clients to be extremely satisfied with our service. We will do what it takes (within reason) to keep you happy. We are 100% committed to ensuring you spread the word that HHG Legal Group guarantees service excellence. It’s no wonder why we’ve been trusted since 1919.

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