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Simon Creek Managing Director & Special Counsel (Family & De Facto Law)
Murray Thornhill Director & Notary Public (Litigation & Dispute Resolution)
Greg Gaunt Executive Chairman
Janene Bon Associate Director (Wills, Estate & Succession Planning)
Anne Hurley Associate Director (Property)
Jo West Practice Manager
Rouchelle Wykes Finance Manager
Aleta Shilton Counsel (Family & De Facto Law)
Marnie Parkinson Special Counsel (Family and De Facto Law)
Daniel Morris Special Counsel
Marcus Hodge Special Counsel
Modiesha Stephens Senior Associate (Tax, Business & Estate Planning)
Ben Majoe Senior Associate (Family & De Facto Law)
Mary Roubos Senior Associate (Family Law & De Facto Law)
Caroline Teo Associate and Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1678577)
Hayley Ellison Associate (Family Law & De Facto Law)
Amy James Associate (Family & De Facto Law)
Tim Colcutt Associate (Dispute Resolution)
Lucy Ferreira Associate (Wills, Estates & Succession Planning)
Siobhan Nims Senior Criminal Lawyer
Rebekah Little Solicitor (Family & De Facto Law)
Patrick Beilby Solicitor (Dispute Resolution)
Biljana Radulovic Solicitor (Family & De Facto Law)
Sian Blakemore Solicitor (Family & De Facto Law)
Gregory Rogers Solicitor (Dispute Resolution)
Alexandra Turner Solicitor (Dispute Resolution)
Lauren Wickham Solicitor (Dispute Resolution)
Jordan Hurley Solicitor (Dispute Resolution)
Oscar Dell’Anna Solicitor (Business and Property)
Nia Lumley Solicitor (Wills and Estates, Family & De Facto)
Emma Armistead Solicitor (Wills and Estates, Business, Family Law)