Simon Creek Managing Director & Special Counsel Family & De Facto Law
Murray Thornhill Director & Notary Public Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Janene Bon Special Counsel Wills, Estate & Succession Planning
Marcus Hodge Special Counsel Commercial & Property
Nigel Richards Chief Operating Officer Operations
Rouchelle Wykes Chief Financial Officer Accounts and Finance
Ben Majoe Special Counsel Family & De Facto Law
Daniel Morris Special Counsel Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Anne Hurley Counsel Business and Property
Dianne Caruso Senior Associate Family Law
Blair Campbell Senior Associate Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Lucy Ferreira Senior Associate Wills, Estates & Succession Planning
Siobhan Nims Senior Associate Criminal
Dr Steve Cohen Associate Family Law
Stewart Kattowitz Associate Family Law
Alexandra Turner Solicitor Dispute Resolution
Biljana Radulovic Solicitor Family & De Facto Law
Erin Papalia Solicitor Family Law
Eliza Fitzgerald Solicitor Family Law
Emma Catterall Solicitor Wills and Estates, Business, Family Law
Gemma Wheeler-Carver Solicitor Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Gina Nofal Solicitor Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Julia McCullagh Solicitor Dispute Resolution
Krysten Russo-Battagliolo Solicitor Wills & Estate Planning and Property
Nikolina Milošević Solicitor Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Oscar Dell'Anna Solicitor Business and Property
Patrick Beilby Solicitor Dispute Resolution
Reem Al Bahadiri Solicitor Family Law
Rachel Pocock Solicitor Family Law