HHG Legal Group is one of the fastest growing law firms in Western Australia assisting businesses, government and private clients

With our large team of lawyers across four office locations, we provide best practice legal advice to resolve your issue and offer representation exceeding normal expectations. When you need a lawyer to provide pro-active quality advice and documentation, we deliver no matter how big or small the task. 


We provide premium legal services to Perth and regional clients in WA by delivering the expertise, resources, technology and commitment required to meet private client, business and government legal needs.

A quick snapshot of HHG Legal Group roots – originating in Albany WA, 1919

For those who don’t know, our firm comes from humble beginnings with our roots originating in charming Albany. Flash back to 1919, just as some of our soldiers would have been returning from World War One, a gentleman by the name of Charles Hudson made the move to Albany and put his roots down by starting the firm. Previously, Mr Hudson had been a Member of Parliament and the Minister for Mines and Railways as well as Colonial Secretary. In early 1924, Mr Hudson met McAllum Henning; it was then that they each paid £50 pounds to form their business partnership and begin running their legal firm.

In 1935, Mr Hudson sadly passed; Mr Henning made the decision to pay tribute to their successful partnership and continued to run the business under both names as Hudson and Henning. Shortly after World War Two ended, in 1946, a lawyer by the name of Robert Goodman offered £700 to buy Hudson and Henning from Mr Henning. Following the sale of the Hudson and Henning firm, Mr Goodman continued the tradition and operated as Hudson Henning and added his surname Goodman.

In 1956, Mr Goodman formed a partnership with another lawyer, William Clarke and the firm quickly became Hudson Henning Goodman and Clarke for a short time.

In 1965, Mr Goodman formed a partnership with Ric Waldeck and reverted the company to Hudson Henning and Goodman.

The same year the Space Shuttle Challenger launched its maiden flight, in 1983, Mr Goodman retired from practice and the Hudson, Henning & Goodman firm. Following from which, Mr Waldeck and a lawyer named David Moss took over the firm as partners. In 1984, Mr Ross retired, and Mr Waldeck and a Christopher Cook continued as partners. Then the Berlin Wall collapsed in 1989, and a man by the name of Paul Nicholls merged his firm with Hudson, Henning & Goodman.

More recently, in 1999, our current Managing Director and Special Counsel in the family law team, Simon Creek moved to Albany. Mr Creek had joined Haynes Robinson Lawyers as a salary partner and rapidly modernized it and its profits.

Then, in 2002, our current Director and Notary Public, Murray Thornhill joined Mr Creek in Albany and shortly after purchased Hudson, Henning & Goodman. They worked around the clock to make their dream a reality. Both continued to work at Haynes Robinson during the day and organized the launch of the new firm by night.

In 2006, a small Perth office was opened – with lawyers travelling up from Albany regularly as the need to settle matters in Perth grew.

Mr Wheatley, former owner of Wheatley & Sons Legal, contacted Mr Creek in 2007 and asked if he would take over and run his business. Mr Creek agreed, and quickly began ramping up business. To assist with the growth of the firm, Simon and Murray purchased Nicholson Clements in Mandurah in 2015.

Flash forward to 2019, our 100 year anniversary, the firm continues to grow with over 50 legal and support staff. We were able to assist over 800 fellow West Australians with their legal matters last year alone and raised over $100,000 for a variety of charities both here and overseas, and we continue to play a vital role in Perth, Albany and Mandurah.