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Estate & Business/Farm Succession Planning

Estate & Business/Farm Succession Planning

A large part of our practice at HHG Legal Group involves the preparation of Estate or Succession Plans, Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Applications for Probate, the Administration of Estates and Claims on Estates. With resources across WA, we work with small to large businesses and farms.



We have a dedicated team of solicitors working in this area, keeping up with ongoing changes to what is an increasingly complex area.

We find that many of our clients are unaware of the importance of proper planning to provide for their family and to protect their assets in the event of death or disability.

Few people have a comprehensive and current Estate/Succession Plan including a comprehensive Will which deals with issues such as Superannuation, Taxation and Testamentary Trusts.

Our aim at HHG Legal Group is to work closely with our clients to assist them as they build their wealth, and to ensure that their wishes regarding how that wealth is to be shared and preserved when they die are carried out.

When we prepare an Estate or Succession Plan for a client we review all aspects of their financial circumstances such as:

  1. Ownership of all assets owned by our client, including business assets.
  2. The liabilities attached to our client’s assets.
  3. Any ownership control and other issues relating to those assets and the structures holding any assets.
  4. Possible benefits available to our clients from restructuring the ownership of personal assets and business interests, including real property.
  5. Superannuation entitlements, including insurance cover and beneficiary provisions applying to that superannuation.
  6. Considering the client’s potential capital gains tax and other tax implications of our client’s wishes with their accountant or other specialist tax advisor with regard to the passing on of their assets to other family members.
  7. Liasing with the client’s accountant and/or financial advisor to take into account the client’s overall financial plan.

In addition to the immediate financial issues we find that many of our clients benefit from the opportunity to discuss with us issues such as:

  1. Choosing an Executor.
  2. Duties of an Executor.
  3. The appropriate use of Enduring Powers of Attorney.
  4. Control versus ownership of assets, particularly with Discretionary and Testamentary Trusts.
  5. Providing for children from a prior marriage or relationship.
  6. Providing for a spouse where there has been a prior marriage.
  7. The possibility of claims being made against their estate under the Inheritance (Family and Dependants Provision) Act 1972.

Our aim is to see every adult Australian with a current, comprehensive and tax effective Will.  We therefore encourage you to act now to obtain the information and advice which will ensure your wealth is preserved and distributed in the way that you want!



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