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HHG Flexi-Fees™

HHG Flexi-Fees™

At HHG, we are all about options. We want you to choose how we bill you. Across certain practice areas, we can offer fixed fee, time billing, retainer and ‘pay at the end’* options for you to choose from. We also offer HHG Essentials options for simpler cases. See for more information.

*Family & De Facto Law ‘Pay at the End’ Terms and Conditions

1. We understand no-one budgets for divorce. It is easy for people to find themselves with inadequate cash flow when going through a separation. In those cases, you may choose to pay us ‘at the end’, or as soon as liquid funds become available, subject to these terms and conditions.

2. If you choose to ‘pay at the end’, or at any future date, our rates and charges will be higher. Like a bank offering an unsecured loan, we need to factor in risk and the cost to us of ‘carrying your fees’. Each costs agreement will specify the hourly rates applicable to your case.

3. If you choose to keep funds in our trust account, up front, as security for the work we are doing for you, your overall fees will be lower than if you ‘pay at the end’. We are happy to negotiate discounts if you choose this option.

4. We cannot offer the ‘pay at the end’ option on all cases. This option only applies to cases involving financial issues.

5. We can only ‘carry’ a certain number of ‘pay at the end’ cases at any one time. Availability is limited.

6. We need to be satisfied we will have security for our eventual payment. We will carry out an analysis of your case at the end of the first meeting with you. If we do not believe there is sufficient security for our eventual payment, we will not be able to offer the ‘pay at the end’ option.

7. We cannot defer or ‘carry’ experts fees, barristers fees, disbursements or other ‘out of pocket expenses’. You will need to pay these as billed.

8. 'Pay at the end' only applies to family & de facto law cases at the current time.

Our Fee Guarantee 

1. The HHG Money Back Client Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply if you choose the ‘pay at the end’ option.

2. In all cases, we guarantee we will not let you spend more than you should. We will always keep the total amount of fees incurred proportionate to what is at stake.

3. In all cases, no matter how you choose to pay us, you will be sent fortnightly accounts with running balances and updated cost estimates. We are completely transparent about fees and charges at HHG Legal Group. 

Getting Started

We are happy to take appointments at a time convenient for you. To arrange an appointment, please contact us on (08) 9322 1966 or email us. 



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