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HHG Legal Group runs a series of Boardroom Q&A sessions about topics of interest to our clients and associates. If you, your team or your group are interested in a legal update session delivered by one of our senior solicitors at your office or ours in Perth, Mandurah or Albany pleaseemail us or Freecall 1800 609 945.





What do our clients say about our Q&A events? Here is some feedback ...


“Just want to thank you so much for putting on a fabulous Tax and Employment meeting this morning. The young lady (Megan) told me if I need anything just to ask...loved her kindness and service. (She) was delightful and a great representation of your fabulous business. Your presenters did a marvellous job presenting their topics and really making us all feel HHG Legal Group is the place to go for legal services.” (Managing Director, Perth Business, 2012)

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